Headshot of Ernest Longworth

Ernest Longworth, Director

Ernie Longworth serves as Director of Instructional Innovation. Areas of responsibility include K12 virtual programming (CCPSOnline, Chesterfield Virtual School), instructional technology, library services programming and procurement of instructional resources. Prior to the current position, he served as assistant director of technology, assistant director of curriculum and instruction, manager of instructional technology, technology integrator, and taught science for 15 years. 

His superpower in the workplace is recognizing, attracting, and empowering exceptionally talented individuals that do amazing things.  Ernie values professionalism, operational efficiency, innovative thinking, and a service-oriented approach.

Outside of work, Ernie has one wife, three children, a cat, six chickens and three ducks. When not working, Ernie enjoys family time, surfing, hunting, fishing, cooking, painting, those home projects, and utterly quiet solitary unstructured time in the outdoors.

Headshot of Dr. Beth Sepelyak

Beth Sepelyak, Associate Principal

Dr. Sepelyak has been with CCPS for the past 18 years and has spent 14 of those working in instructional technology. There her work was focused on infusing twenty-first-century skills and best pedagogical practices into digital learning settings. She has worked with staff at the elementary, middle, and high school levels ensuring the quality and consistency of services in schools across the division. She is proud to be a third-generation CCPS graduate and second-generation administrator.

Headshot of Doug Fordham

Doug Fordham, Assistant Principal

Originally from New Jersey, Doug attended James Madison University and moved to Richmond right after college. Chesterfield County has been the only district he has taught full time; starting in 2012 at Matoaca Middle and working at Thomas Dale, Bailey Bridge and Falling Creek before coming to CCPSOnline. Although he is often labeled “the data guy”, he believes, “We should always have a lens focused on student success. We are here first and foremost for students!”