2024 - 2025 School Year Information

School Year

The CCPSOnline program provides families of high school students with a flexible alternative to the traditional school setting. Courses are taught by teachers licensed in the content areas. Students have opportunities to interact with the teacher and peers throughout the course, but do not follow a daily bell schedule. Courses are delivered and communication occurs within the Canvas learning management system. Students can interact with the course and course content anytime, anywhere.

Most courses are full-year courses; however, some electives are offered on a semester basis.

Application Dates

  • OPENS - Monday, February 5, 2024 at 9:00 a.m.

  • CLOSES - Sunday, April 28, 2024 at 5:00 p.m.

Application link will appear on the right when the application period opens.


For Chesterfield County residents, there is no cost for courses within the number that would be considered a full course load. The following fees apply to courses beyond what would be considered a full course load. Please consult with your school counselor if you have questions.

  • Full Credit (Year) Class: $325

  • Half Credit (Semester) Class: $200

  • Full Credit (Year) Class for non-residents: $875

  • Half Credit (Semester) Class for non-residents: $450

**Please note that fees are annually reviewed and subject to change.**

In accordance with school board policy, any resident student seeking one additional course, beyond what would be considered a full course load through CCPSOnline, will be offered a CCPSOnline fee reduction for that course based on federal meal qualification status. Please consult with your school counselor if you have questions.

Federal Meal Qualification Status

  • Free – No fee

  • Reduced – Student pays 20%

  • Paid – No reduction

Class Length

  • August to June for full-credit (full year) courses

  • The following semester courses are offered during the Fall Semester (August to January)

    • Introduction to Psychology

    • PE 9 only

    • PE 10 only

    • Health 9 only

    • Health 10 only

  • The following semester courses are offered during the Spring Semester (January to June)

    • Introduction to Sociology

    • PE 9 only

    • PE 10 only

  • CCPSOnline offers year-long courses, designated as 4x4s,  that have been condensed into a semester format. These courses are offered in the spring and fall semesters and require that students spend 8-12 hours per week in each course, because the same depth of content is covered in half the time. 4×4 courses offer students the opportunity to focus on fewer courses at a time.

  • For more information regarding when classes are offered, please reference our School Year Course List.

  • Time spent in your course(s) is similar to time spent in face-to-face classes. This can vary by student and by course; however, you can expect to spend 4 to 6 hours weekly per course. It is vital that you login to your course daily to check for course announcements, messages in your Canvas Inbox, assignments that are due, and any assignment feedback. Then, begin your lesson.


  • Exams are required for high school credit classes to receive credit for the courses.

  • There are no exemptions for seniors.

  • Notes: Final exams are mandatory to receive credit for the course.

Payment Options

  • Families will receive an initial notification in August of a possible fee.

  • In September/October, families will receive a follow-up notification via email regarding payment, if required, for the school year. Please do not submit any school year payments unless you receive this notification.

Application Process

  • The family completes the application using the link on this page.

  • The family communicates with their school of residence counselor to determine the courses that need to be taken.

  • The school of residence counselor requests the courses on behalf of the student.

  • CCPSOnline notifies the student of acceptance and completes the enrollment.

The Application Tracker can be used to determine application status as it moves through this process.

SOL Testing

  • Students taking a class with an end-of-course SOL exam will take their test in-person at their school of residence.

  • Not taking a required SOL test can affect your ability to graduate.

  • If you have questions about the need to take an SOL, please contact your counselor at your school of record.