Complete course requirements in an accelerated format


PACE is a centralized program offered through CCPSOnline that allows students to complete course requirements in an accelerated format. Schools identify students that, for a variety of reasons, require personalized solutions to meet their anticipated graduation timeline. CCPSOnline works in partnership with the school to provide a licensed teacher, courseware, and student support.

Who are ideal candidates for PACE?

Students who are under-credit and in need of coursework for on-time completion of graduation requirements.

Course Offerings

The following courses are offered through the PACE program at both the comprehensive and honors level

  • English Offerings: English 9, 10, 11, 12

  • Math Offerings: Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, AFDA☨, Trigonometry

  • Science Offerings: Earth Science, Biology, Ecology☨, Chemistry, Physics

  • Social Studies Offerings: World History 1. World History 2, VA/US History, VA/US Government, Economics and Personal Finance

  • Electives Offerings: Art History, Sociology (semester only), Psychology (semester only), Principles of Business and Marketing

☨ No honors level

Interested in learning more?

The counselor at your school of residence can discuss your individual circumstances and help determine if options through CCPSOnline PACE are a good fit for your needs.