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Program Information

CCPSOnline provides families with a flexible alternative to the traditional school setting. High school for-credit courses are taught online by licensed CCPS teachers and delivered through the Canvas learning management system. Students have opportunities to interact with their teacher and peers throughout the course, but do not follow a daily bell schedule. Students choose CCPSOnline for a variety of reasons ranging from a need for personalized academic solutions, flexible scheduling, or a preference for an online format. With CCPSOnline, there is:

  • No bell schedule: Complete coursework on your schedule

  • No classroom: Complete coursework wherever you wish

  • No limits: Take courses for acceleration or interest

  • Yes, honors options: Earn honors credit based on performance

  • Yes, flexibility: Take some or all courses online

  • Yes, extracurricular activities: Participate in after-school clubs, sports, and special events at your home school

CCPSOnline is approved by the Virginia Department of Education as a multi-division online provider. Resident home or private school students may enroll in a maximum of two courses per year, space permitting. Students residing outside of Chesterfield County may take up to two state board of education approved online courses during the regular school year by paying tuition.

CCPSOnline also offers a credit recovery option, PACE, for those students who need to recover or gain credits for on-time graduation.

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